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Happy Monday!

This week is starting out in single digits with lots of snow that has fallen. We made it through the storm this last weekend without too many hiccups. No matter how long I have raised animals, I still find myself implementing new tools or routines into my daily chores. After 20 years I added a utility sled into my "toolbox" and I wonder how I ever got along without it!

Of course, winter here has been quite low key as far as snow and cold go. Up until last weekend, we've gotten minimal snow and had a very green and warm Christmas. I tend to get very stuck in routines and don't think about change until we are in the thick of it. I have been making purchases (as money allows) with long term thoughts in mind. I turn 53 this year and even though I am healthy, active and strong, it doesn't hurt to add in tools to make the jobs around here a little bit easier. I plan on doing this farming thing as long as I can and things like my new sled does just that. I plan on doing an upcoming video talking about this and my Gorilla Cart and how I utilize them. Have a fantastic week!

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