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Spinolution Spinning Wheels

Spinolution Spinning Wheels

 I started out 2023 as a dealer for Spinolution. I love these wheels and would love to help you get your own wheel! Information coming soon. 

SpinOlution wheels are intuitive and built to last a lifetime.


Every SpinOlution wheel is fully finished, assembled, and test driven before shipment. The only assembly required is attaching the flyer and base feet.


Our wide-spaced treadles and efficient flyers will provide you with a lifetime of pain-free spinning.


We have the highest ratios on upright wheels making it easier than ever to spin cobweb or lace from short staple length fibers.


We are the only company that makes a 64 oz flyer. Expert production spinners find this size ideal for spinning huge yardages or rope weight yarns.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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