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Mitten Homesteaders Conference

Happy Monday! It has been a while and I wanted to hop on here and update you. This week is the first homesteaders conference in Michigan and I will be there! I am going to be speaking at 2p.m. on Friday on Small Acreage Fiber Animals A.K.A. Angora rabbits. I would love to meet you! I am also there with a both Friday and Saturday. Last I checked there are still tickets available. They have an amazing line up of speakers and vendors and it should be a fantastic weekend. If you want more information head over to their website at

If you do come out, please find me and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you.

Also, I finally have a batch of red English Angoras that will be available in about 7 weeks. I already have a few spoken for, so if you are interested in being put on the list, please reach out to me. I have a feeling they will go fast.

I took a couple week break from YouTube due to illness and a new grandbaby being born. I am back at it full swing and have two new videos every week. If you don't already, go subscribe and check out the channel here is a lot of great information there to help you on your journey. Head here:

Spring has finally sprung here in Michigan and I am trying to get all the spring things done. That includes shearing goats, planting gardens and working in flower beds. It's a crazy busy time of year, but I love it.

I hope you get to create something today! Enjoy!

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