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2024 New Beginnings

Happy New Year!

A new year means new goals for me and one of those goals are weekly emails (the first one went out tonight!) and also starting to blog regularly again. I will keep you updated on weekly YouTube video topics, happenings at the farm, and upcoming events. I have a giveaway happening over on my Instagram for some wonderful prizes. Head over to my Instagram here: and follow the instructions on the post to get your name in the drawing.

I am back at posting videos regularly on the YouTube as of this week. The video schedule changed a bit, so now there will be a Wednesday afternoon video and a Sunday morning video. That gives me a bit of flexibility in filming and be able to stick on a schedule. I am going to continue to focus on Angora rabbit education, more Angora goat information and hopefully deep dives into topics like genetics and micron counts. Humane and gently grooming of the rabbits will be a ongoing topic we will be taking about.

I will be speaking May 17-18 at the Mitten's Homesteader Conference. Tickets are available now, head over to . There is also a full list of all the speakers and topics at the website. I will be speaking on "Small Acreage Fiber Animals" and will have a vendor booth also. I would love to get to meet you!

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