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These gorgeous Angora ornaments are hand made and spun from our Angora rabbits. There are 3 styles of ornaments, a snowflake, a large star and a small star. They can be purchased individually or in the set of 6 (2 each) This Angora rabbit yarn is 100% handspun Angora yarn, 2 ply. This Angora rabbit yarn is white colored with a beautiful "halo" that only comes from beautiful bunnies. Gathering the fiber from my rabbits is done by gently combing them therefore, they are NEVER harmed in the process. Angora rabbits and very docile when handled regularly, so grooming them is as simple as sitting with them in my lap and combing the fiber off. Spinning the fiber into yarn on my Spinolution spinning wheels has become a daily routine. I care for and handle the rabbits daily. This 2 ply yarn is spun fairly consistent, but it is handspun.  

Angora Star and Snowflake Ornaments

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