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This angora cuff bracelet is sure to stand out in a crowd and be a statement piece for your outfit. It is created from 100% angora fiber, spun into yarn and then crocheted into this soft, luxurious piece. Have you ever wanted to wear fur? Now you can! The rabbits are loved, cared for, and humanely groomed by me either through brushing or clipping. I have been spinning and creating yarn and products for over 15 years. The rabbits have been a part of that right from the beginning. The cuff can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans to add a pop, and transition into evening and go perfect with that little black dress. This piece is lightweight and the "halo" from angora gets more lovely the more you wear it. The cuff is approximately 2.5" wide and will fit most. It has a leather snap closure.

Angora Snap Cuff Bracelet

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