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This dyed Angora rabbit yarn is blended with Mohair and handspun by me. This yarn is 70 yards and a beautiful green color with a beautiful "halo" that only comes from beautiful bunnies.  Gathering the fiber from my rabbits is done by gently combing them therefore, they are NEVER harmed in the process. Angora rabbits and very docile when handled regularly, so grooming them is as simple as sitting with them in my lap and combing the fiber off. Mohair comes from Angora goats which are new to our farm in 2023. Spinning the fiber into yarn on my Spinolution spinning wheels has become a daily routine. I care for and handle the rabbits and goats daily.  This 2 ply yarn is spun fairly consistent, but it is handspun. This yarn has some of those lovely characteristics that only comes from handmade yarns. Angora yarn is 7 times warmer than sheep wool and somewhat water resistant. The warmth and softness of the yarn is like nothing you've ever felt!

Angora Products

The jewelry you will find here came out of wanting to be able to wear my "fur" every day. The jewelry accomplished that goal with the beauty of the halo effect of the yarn, without having to wear it in a large quantity. Earrings, cuff bracelets and necklaces like you've never seen before.

I have been raising and spinning angoras and their fibers for almost 20 years. It has become my passion to create beautiful luxury fiber.  That only comes from well-maintained bunnies that have been cared for.  I have been blessed to have the same rabbits with me for long periods of time and we become well acquainted with one another.  You can find out more of my daily life with the animals on my Instagram  


Angora/Mohair Blend

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