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Angora leaf shaped, crochet earrings are made from 100% angora yarn, hand spun and crocheted. These Angora earrings are sure to stand out in a crowd and be a statement piece for your outfit. Have you ever wanted to wear fur? Well, now you can! These Angora leaf crochet earrings will be your new favorite accessory. I hand dye the fiber and then spin it on my spinning wheel. Angora yarn, spun from my own bunnies, then crocheted into these unique earrings. I crochet the yarn into this beautiful leaf pattern I designed. These earrings are very lightweight, you will hardly notice them. They are soft and light weight to wear. The leaf shape is approximately 3 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. Keep in mind all of these pieces are handmade so the sizes may vary.

How I Get My Angora Fiber

The rabbits are gently comb to harvest their warm luxurious fiber and then spun on my spinning wheel. This jewelry is highly sustainable because, no rabbits are EVER harmed in the process of gathering their wool. I raise all the rabbits that this beautiful fiber comes from here at our farm. I love on, care for, handled, and humanely groom my rabbits on a daily basis. If you’re interested in learning more about the process, go to my YouTube channel HERE

Other Angora and Crochet Products Available

I hand dye all the yarn to create these beautiful colors. I have kept these pieces at a limited quantity, because of the hand dye process. These Angora leaf crochet earrings will be your new favorite accessory. Cuff bracelets are available in separate listing HERE.

Angora Leaf Earrings

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