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You will receive one ounce of luxury Angora fiber ready to be spun into gorgeous yarn. This beautiful Angora fiber has been gently combed from my Angora rabbits. This fiber has a nice staple length that you will love to spin. This fiber is clean and free of VM (vegetable matter). My Angoras are handled and cared for daily, and you will see all this care come out in the fiber.

I have been raising and spinning angoras and their fibers for almost 20 years. It has become my passion to create beautiful luxury fiber. That only comes from well-maintained bunnies that have been cared for. I have been blessed to have the same rabbits with me for long periods of time and we become well acquainted with one another. You can find out more of my daily life with bunnies on my Instagram You can also see some of the products we have available from our yarn here.

Angora Fiber

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